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Don Cayito

Costa Rica Cup of Excellence 2022 No#1A

Honey Gesha

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Don Cayito - Costa Rica Cup of Excellence 2022 No#1A

We are here with the gesha variety processed with the honey process from Don Cayito farm, which succeeded to be at the top of the list for the 4th time in the Cup of Excellence in 2022! Don Cayito is grown in the coffee region of Tarrazu, Costa Rica; specifically in Santa Maria de Dota. The coffee farm is located between 1650 – 2100 m of elevation in a wonderful landscape of steep slopes, that protect the crops from the Atlantic weather, but allow the ocean breeze from the Pacific, with lots of sunny hours during the day. The area is already known as a land of exceptional coffee, not only for the characteristics of its soil but also for its coffee farmers' experience and hard work.


Farm : Don Cayito
Cultivar : Gesha
Process : Honey Process
Altitute  : 1950 masl
Owner/s : Luis Ricardo Madrigal
City : Los Santos
Region : San Jose, Costa Rika
Roastery : Baristatus Nano Roastery, ROEST
Roast Date : On-demand
Harvest : 2022
Score : 91.05 (Cup of Excellence 2022 Winner Lot #1A
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