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Gemeda Elias Dube

Cup of Excellence, Ethiophia 2020

Natural Kurme, Shakiso

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Coffee of the Month

Gemeda Elias Dube, Ethiophia

Farm : Gemeda Elias Dube
Varietal : Kurme
Process : Natural
Altitude : 1850- 2000 masl
Owner : Ato Gemeda
Town/City : Giradota
Region : Shakiso, West Guji
Roastery : Williams Roastery
Roast Date : 18th Oct 2021 (First Batch)
Harvest : 2020

Gemeda Elias Dube, 32, has been working on his father’s coffee land since he was 15 years old. When he reached 21 he started his coffee farm on 7 hectares of land given to him by his father. Currently, his land grew to 86 hectares. He produces and collects 1,340,000 kilograms of coffee annually from his land and 103 outgrower farmers on another 490 hectares. “I provide improved seedling and technical support to my farmers to ensure quality production,” said Ato Gemeda.

SCA Cupping Score : 87.79

Ethiopia 2020

Rank: 19

Auction: Cup of Excellence

Aroma/Flavor: Tootsie roll, bakers chocolate, spice, apricot, tropical, black currant, plum, sugar cane, orange, chocolate, berry, green mango, orange, chocolate, prune, solid, well balanced, refined, caramel

Acidity: Clear, medium phosphoric, malic, tartaric, intense

Other: Dark chocolate, sweet, raspberry cordial, complex, long sweet finish

Auction Lot Size (kg): 1035

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