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Alchemy Processed Yemenia

Hayma Kharuiya, Sana’a

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AL RUWAD XI - Yemen Alchemy Prosess Yemenia Coffee

Our new collection, Al Ruwad XI Alchemy processed Yemenia coffee, engineered by QIMA, offers the most complex and rare gem from the motherland of coffee; Yemen. This Alchemy processed Yemenia lot is a part of Qima’s Competition and 90+ Series, a category of the best coffee Yemen has to offer. It was grown at an altitude of around 2,350 MASL in the Hayma Kharijiya region of the Sana’a governorate. This coffee was sourced through Al Ruwad, Yemen’s largest and most established specialty coffee cooperative, with whom Qima has partnered since 2016. 7 years on, this partnership has strengthened the basis of the shared goal of bringing equitably sourced coffee to consumers.

Farm :

Al Ruwad XI

Cultivar : Yemenia
Process : Alchemy Processed
Altitute  : 2350 masl
Owner/s : Al Ruwad Cooperative / QIMA
City : Sana'a
Region : Hayma Kharijiya
Roastery : Calibre Roastery, ROEST
Roast Date : 12/26/2023
Harvest : 2023
Score : 90+ (QIMA Competition Series)


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