As Baristatus, we adopt the transparent price policy that is expected to be the 4th wave in coffee all over the world. Those who follow closely know that although it is the only member of the Alliance for Coffee Excellence from Turkey and licensed from the Ministry of Agriculture and trademark certified coffee exporter,   Baristatus is not a business that started out with commercial concerns, it is the passion for coffee with purely amateur feelings to make the best coffees accessible to everyone.


We aim to supply the best coffee from the source and present it in a professional manner that will appeal not only to the tongue but also to the eye. Together with the 5th piece of our collection, "El Salvador Los Morales Gesha", we will share our costs with you in a transparent manner. Contrary to what is customary in the industry, it is simple but meaningful for us to take such a step. It's simple; we don't have a commercial expectation. It is meaningful; you know how much you pay, for what and we are doing this with full transparency and honesty.



Package (180gr)


Coffee Beans (Friedhats)


€ 11.55

₺ 155.00


€ 188

€ 1.88

₺    25.38


₺ 3640.00

₺ 36.40

₺    36.40

Taxes (VAT, customs)

₺ 4100.50

₺ 41.00

₺    41.00




₺    11.00




₺           -  

Fixed Costs*



₺           -  

Total Cost



₺ 268.78

Selling Price



₺ 269.00

* We do not (and we did not) calculate a cost for labor and fixed expense items. All of our work for Baristatus is as part of our hobby to make the best coffee even a little bit accessible. Like sharing a coffee on Lex's shelf with our coffee-loving friends at the lowest possible cost.


Since we signed the pledge and become a member of the Transparency Coffee initiative and one of the proud signatories of The Pledge, which is a common code for transparency reporting in green coffee buying. Here is our Transparency Report for this collection;

Name of the producer/producer organization the coffee was purchased from; Friedhats
Free On Board (FOB) price paid for the coffee; €64.17/kg
SCA Cupping Score: 89.00
Lot size (volume) of the coffee purchased: 18kgs
Length of the relationship between producer/producer organization and buyer: 6 months
Transparency ratio for the year of 2022 : 100%