The Pledge : Transparency in Coffee


The Plage, a common code for transparency reporting in green coffee buying.

Coffee is a business of pretty pictures and harsh realities. Roasters and coffee shops around the world depend upon farmers to produce the excellent beans that we love. Too often, however, producers reap too little of the profits that are being generated along the value chain.

An increasing number of actors in the coffee industry have recognized that the only way to secure the production of great coffee is to increase its sustainability along the value chain. And ultimately sustainability in coffee production must start with producers earning a living income. If producers cannot make enough money from their work, they are forced to cut corners on sustainable production or eventually move out of coffee completely.

Transparency certainly can’t solve this problem by itself. Transparency might not be able to guarantee if the business relationship between farmers and coffee buyers is right. It cannot guarantee that trading relations are meaningful or that the prices that are paid for green coffee are adequate and can guarantee a living income to producers.

What it might reveal though, is when business relations aren’t as good as they seem. Transparency can ensure that marketing claims that would otherwise stand for themselves must be backed by actual facts. Therefore it can make communication with consumers more honest.

What transparency can also accomplish is to enable actors along the supply chain to make informed choices. Transparency can contribute to challenging current pricing mechanisms based on commodity stock market prices. Transparent Trade Coffee and the Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide are excellent initiatives that tackle this challenge.

What is "The Pledge" ?

The idea to create The Pledge popped up during the transparent trade colloquium in Hamburg in 2018 and evolved from there. As a group of committed people in the coffee supply chain, we feel that transparency should necessarily mean one thing: transparency of pricing in coffee negotiations. To set an example for the coffee industry, we need to openly communicate how much we are paying for our coffees.

In a lot of ways, transparency is a word like freedom. It’s a positively connotated symbol that can be filled with different content and is subject to interpretation. When it comes to transparency reporting, that can be a problem. Companies that misuse this concept for marketing purposes will define transparency in a different way, not revealing green coffee prices but still claiming to be transparent.

Companies that sign The Pledge agree to share a fixed set of variables when reporting on green coffee purchases. We aim to create a common standard for transparency reporting that is applicable throughout the coffee world. By disclosing additional information like the name of the producer organization, the lot size, and the cup quality of the coffee we add context to our transparency reports that makes them comparable and truly transparent.

In a nutshell: In order to be truly transparent, we should be transparent about what we are transparent about.


Our 2021-2022 Transparency Report


As Baristatus, we are committed to The Pledge and become one of its signatories. We do believe that quality, loyalty, and justice will come to each and every industry with transparency. Hence we do our part in our coffee industry. 


Series No# Collection  Farm / Co-operative Region Producer Country Purchase Purchased From Bean Type Lot / Variety Ave. SCA Cup Score Price per Ib Price per Kg
#1 Experimental Finca Guadelupe Zaju Chiapas Teddy Esteve Mexico March, 2021 Emirati Coffee Roasted Marsellesa & Hybrids H16 H18 83  $       16.78  $        37.00
#2 Exotic Ilomba AB Mbeya AMCS Tanzania April, 2021 Single O Roasted Bourbon Grade AA 86  $       12.92  $        28.48
#3 Experimental Finca La Ventolera Santa Barbara Felipe Trujillo Colombia June, 2021 Three Coffee Roasted Castillo 90.25  $       50.05  $      110.35
#4 Excellence Gemeda Elias Dube Shakiso Ato Gemeda Ethiopia Jul, 2021 Emirati Coffee Green Kurme 87.79  $       34.36  $        75.76
#5 Exotic  Los Morales Metapan Milton Morales El Salvador Nov, 2021 Freidhats Roasted Gesha 89  $       33.21  $        73.21
#6 Exotic Finca Paraiso Villa Rosita Cauca Diego Samuel Bermudez Colombia Jan, 2022 Cypher Coffee Roasted Castillo 87  $       38.28  $        84.40
#7 Excellence Colombian Exotic Coffee Valle Del Cauca Colombian Exotic Coffee Colombia Jan, 2022 Colombian Exotic Coffee Green Gesha 91.35  $       31.57  $        69.60
The Pledge : Transparency in Coffee