ROEST "Meet Fauske"

Our paths crossed with ROEST for the first time in 2018 at the Amsterdam World of Coffee Festival. OMG! Do you believe in love at first sight? :)

Within the following years, ROEST never stood still. It has always progressed by putting new technologies on it. I also continued to follow ROEST frequently on the web, on Instagram, and at international events I attended. It's kind of a "stalking" situation.

She said, "I will be in Germany," and I went there. She said she is coming to Dubai WOC during the pandemic days, I was there too. Even the ROEST team couldn't make it, we met at the distributors' booth and catch up.  We continued to meet whenever we had the chance.

So why did I love ROEST so much?

First of all, she is full of wisdom! Think about once, it has a built-in condenser microphone and it automatically detects the first crack and guide you thru the roasting process. You are connected with all the top-tier coffee roasters of the world with one click! You can share recipes, thanks to her wifi feature and built-in web server, she is always online and keeps learning! While you are sleeping, she is downloading her latest firmware for the best possible features all the time! You can follow the data, which will help you to minimize the error, in milliseconds from your tablet or phone.

Days didn't pass without ROEST anymore. I called Julia... Julia is ROEST's sales team leader. I said, "I want to have my ROEST now". My primary goal here, beyond accessing such a beautiful technology, is not to spend the most delicious period of our coffees with import and customs processes in each collection. Thanks to ROEST, roasting every coffee for each order and delivering it to Baristatus explorers in its most delicious period. Otherwise, I was aware that this type of equipment would be too luxurious for a home user, especially in our country.

And I finally got my baby,  FAUSKE,  in February 2022 :) FAUSKE is the name of a city in Norway. For each ROEST, the team chooses a city name, and FAUSKE is our beautys' name.

Now, thanks to FAUSKE, we can both create the most suitable profile for coffee and ensure that our special series of coffees reach you in the freshest way.

A simple yet unique experience :)


ROEST "Meet Fauske"ROEST "Meet Fauske"ROEST "Meet Fauske"ROEST "Meet Fauske"ROEST "Meet Fauske"ROEST "Meet Fauske"ROEST "Meet Fauske"